This section of our website will hold articles about general business advice for the smaller business. These cover areas that do not relate to the law, finance or marketing since these are covered elsewhere in the site.

If you are looking for advice on how to go about starting your business, choosing a business premises, or how to minimise injury by safe use of your computer, general business services, or how to save money in your business, prehaps you are considering starting up a charity.

Maybe you are considering the various options for business premises security, or are wonder what flexible working means, or the possible benefits gained from flexible working if you are an employee, or how your business could benefit from flexible working practices, or ask yourself “Do I need Disaster Recovery?” or an Environmental Manangement Service and how would I cope dealing with an office emergancy, and setting up your grievance procedures or how to go about selling your business – articles in this section can give you information to help you decide if these are right for your business.

We even cover things like “do I need a prototype” and how to help your staff eat healthily, or how to go about renting an office or workshop, and the advantages of water jet cutting technology over more traditional cutting methods for both manufacturing and bulk food preperation.