If you don’t send or recieve much in the way of mail, then this article probably isn’t going to be relievant to you, however, if you do, then you might want to read on about the benefits of (and a few ideas on how to) modernising your mailroom.

Most people realise that if you have a fairly large quantity of mail that doing it by hand just isn’t really feasible, and it may be that although you have started out small, where you are able to manually prepare all your post, you have grown to a size where this just isn’t working any more, but what can you do?

Well obviously the main constraints are money and space, there are some wonderful specailist machines out there to speed up the processes, like envelope stuffing machines, shrink wrapping machines, etc, but they tend to be fairly large machines, so you would need to ensure that your post room would be large enough to accomodate these and allow for their safe operation.

Once you have looked into the space requirements, you can then start to look for machines that would fit your budget – this could mean that instead of buying brand new, you are looking for machines that are secondhand, or have been professionally refurbished.

If you are unsure of the type of machinery that would help your workforce, then it is worth contacting a speciallist and asking them, after all what is the point of having specialist knowledge if you can’t share it with anyone. They will be able to tell you what the right machine for you would be, and maybe, even show you the machines in action before you decide.

If buying them outright is beyond your budget, you could prehaps find a company that would be able to arrange a lease-hire or hire-purchase agreement for you, allowing you to use the machinery right away, without having to foot a hefty bill to do so.

If you go the hire-purchase route, check your contract to see wheither or not you can upgrade the machinery within your contract, this may be limited to a specified number of exchanges, or have a timescale attached (ie, you can only ungrade twice in a twelve month period) – but it may be a way to ensure your machinery is always as near to cutting edge as you can get without having the expense of having to buy a new machine each time.

Modernising your mail room in this manner will help your staff be more effiencent, will increase customer statisfaction as they are more likely to recieve their good promptly, and aid with your marketing stratagies as well as it will make it easier to do mailshots and promotions