We have all had it through our door at some stage or another whether in the form of a magazine subscription, or covering junk mail – Polywrapping is a popular alternative for many small items that go through the postal system.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this however that needs careful consideration before you decide on whether polywrapping or traditional envelopes are best for your business.

The most obvious disadvantage to polywrapping items is the waste it produces, everyone knows that plastic takes longer to degrade in our rubbish tips then paper or card, but there have been leaps in plastic manufacturing that mean biodegradable plastics are improving all the time making this disadvantage shrink as the years progress.

Some of the advantages are greater protection from the elements for your items, especially if they don’t do well with wet weather – I am sure we have all received the soggy post through our letterboxes where it hasn’t been pushed through properly.

Another advantage is that polywrapping is available in some really striking colours and patterns that simply don’t appear on “standard envelopes” allowing your mail shot to be more eye catching and appealing as soon as it hits the mat of your intended customers.

Polywrapping can also normally handle rougher treatment then its paper alternatives as it is harder to rip and tear, again making it ideal if your mail shot is more than one piece or a larger item.

Polywrapping can also be used on items that are too big for envelopes, be it items such as electrical equipement or pet supplies for instance.

It needn’t be as expensive as you might think to polywrap your mailshots as there are companies that rent and sell polywrap machinery both new and reconditioned so that it is accessible to most business budgets.

With all these things, the key is ensuring that you research the people you want to target, if you are targeting people with a strong “eco-ethic” then polywrapping may not be for you, but if you are targeting the young or various other groups, then maybe polywrapping would be the answer you are looking for.