As we have already discussed in a previous article QR codes can be a valuable marketing tool, althought they remain a mystery to many. However as a quick scan of your mail may show, their use on printed envelopes and in direct mailing campaigns in general is growing hugely in popularity.

QR codes are an effective tool for response gathering and tracking which is one reason for their increased placement on direct mail marketing as people don’t even have to open the envolope to get an idea of what the mailing is about.

This can be both a very useful response tracking tool and an effective way to encourage more visits to your website or social media page. It can be particuarly usefulto charitable organisations, as they can use envelope printing to place a QR code on thier mailing with a message alongside reading PLEASE DONATE which takes people direct to their donation page.

They can also be used to direct the scanner to a specific landing page on a website to capture their details or take them to a page that explains your objectives. For businesses who want to push a special offer to segmented audiences, the QR code can be a very effective signpost – especially when you place compelling incentives to scan next to the code.

For example, if you were an ice cream company running a special BOGOF promotion on your products, you could place the words FREE ICE CREAM next to the code, and combine it with a nice summery feel to the mailing and you will be pleasently surprised by the number of visits that you will attract.

People are becoming more and more accustomed to consuming information as fast as possible, the need for instant gratification is increasing, making QR codes a vital tool to capture your audience’s attention before someone else does.

But this isn’t the only thing that QRs can do for you when placed on your printed envelopes and in the enclosed mailing.
By setting up a code on sites such as Visual Lead, you can track the amount of times your code is scanned by your audience. By using different QR codes for each mailing, you can track how much traffic each campaign is directing to your site.
QR codes can be personallied to your requirements and printed on a large variety of mediums to allow for ease of use, you can choose the right envolope size to fit into your envolope stuffing machine to make the preperation of your mailing as simple as possible.