We have already stated in other articles on this site the importance of training and the role it plays in keeping your workforce happy, motivated and productive. In this article we will be looking at the benefits of “in-house” training over some of the other forms of staff training available.

One of the most obvious benefits of in-house training to you as an employer is that you can control when the training takes place, scheduling it so that it minimises the impact on your business – this could be over a working lunch, after office hours, or even over the weekends. The opportunity for you to train your staff in groups can provide another advantage by reducing costs. In addition to these savings you will also save on any expenses that may have been incurred by an out of office training program.

In-House training also provides benefits for employees too – including being able to refresh the skills you use on a day-to-day basis, giving you more confidence at work. By it’s very nature In-House training removes the need for you to travel or stay away to recieve your training, allowing you to spend time with your family and loved ones as normal.

There are several ways for companies to set up an “in-house” training programme, and how you set it up may depend on the sorts of skills you are looking to train your staff in. In-house training sessions can be run by a member of the management team, a senior staff member – or you could decide to employ a specialist in-house training company from outside your organisation to provide the in-house training you require.

There are many companies out there that specialise in providing training, many of which have websites, as with all things in business, make sure you that you look around to make sure you find the right training solution for your business. Talk to others that may have used the firms you are looking at and get their opinions, don’t be afraid to ask companies for testimonials from happy clients, and if possible, contact them directly to hear first hand about their experiences with the in-house training provided to them.