As owners and managers of SME’s the team at Business Information UK know how important effective marketing is to the smaller business.

This section of our website will contain articles about marketing. These articles will include advice on marketing, what to consider when marketing your business at exhibitions, the possiblities of needing a prototype, tips to think about when designing a good business card, including some helpful tips if you are thinking of using a graphic designer, and how to get good results in a search engine, the benefits of centralising your marketing, and what advantages polywrapping may have for your mailshots, as well as how to make that sales call and many other topics about getting your company image and it’s products known about and why your company needs a mobile device compatible website, that come up from time to time when running a business.

We will discuss some of the more common pitfalls, like institutional advertising and why it doesn’t work for small businesses.

Good ways to promote your business are:

  • Word of mouth – Business clubs and networking events.
  • Telemarketing – Despite its reputation it really does work if done properly.
  • Email marketing – Purchase a good database of current email addresses and use an email tracking tool.
  • Mailshots – A well designed and well written brochure can still attract attention.
  • Referrals/Testimonials – Ask your customers to introduce you to their contacts.
  • QR Codes – Fast, efficient ways to engage your clients.
  • Using Twitter for marketing – A few hints and tips on how to use Twitter to market your business
  • Using Facebook for marketing – A few hints and tips on how to use Facebook to market your business
  • Rebranding your business – The pro’s and con’s of rebranding your business.

Since web sites are considered part of the marketing effort for most businesses we have also included an article about using a specialist company if you are an accountancy firm that is looking for a website.