This section of our website will hold articles about various staff training methods – both general and sector specific. These cover areas that do not relate to the law, finance or marketing since these are covered elsewhere in the site.

Staff training is always important if you want to keep a happy, motivated and productive workforce, never more so then in a difficult financial climate. The right staff training could make all the difference and help ensure that your company not only continues to produce, but even grows. If you use staff training to help make certain that all your employees, of all levels are up to date with the latest technologies for your chosen business, and have the right skill set for the day to day running of your business, you are already doing a lot to ensure you business survives and grows year on year.

Employees throughout your business from the trainee new starter right up to the management levels will benefit from a proactive approach to staff training especially if the program is tailored to their individual learning needs.

There are many courses available which use several different teaching techniques so it is easy to find one that would suit your employees whether they favour “active” training methods like classes where they are shown what they need to do and given the opportunity to try it themselves, or more “passive” learning techniques where they can attend seminars, webinars or presentations.

Some professions require continuous professional development, or CPD – like accountancy, as well as many legal and banking professions. Other industries like IT tend to be fairly fast paced in regards to developments regarding the software and hardware that they are expected to use and would find a general staff training program beneficial.

There are many options available to allow your employees to gain the desired qualifications, from correspondence course, traditional “in-house” training that can be given at a specialist training centre or you own offices depending on the subject, to conferences, webinars and online courses.

You can find out about most types of staff training online, but also your local Business Link organisation could prove a useful ally as many of them will produce a regular booklet containing seminars and training programs available in your local area that are often held during the working day and will cover a wide range of topics that could be relevant to your business.

This section will explain some of the various types of training that it may be worth getting your staff to do, from health and safety, to more specialised training and will go through the various methods you can go about obtaining this training for your staff and company.

General Staff Training

This is the training that all members of staff would benefit from, regardless of position or department or even in some cases, type of business.

Specialised Staff Training

This training may only be appropriate to a few of your employees in specific departments. Most is business specific.

Explanation of Training methods

Other Staff related articles