It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, or how wonderful your customer care is if you don’t have an effective quality control system in place. It has been said that bad news travels fast and this is true in the business world, it may only be one person that is dissatisfied, but you can’t ignore that, because what happens if that one person decides to tell ten of their friends, who then tell ten of their friends, or puts their upset on the internet via Facebook or Twitter where they could reach hundreds, if not thousands of your potential customers, until your company starts to really struggle. Maybe now you can start to see the importance of quality control – but the question is how can you as a business ensure that your quality control is top notch?

Quality control may seem to be fairly common sense, but it is useful to have some sort of standard structure in place to aid things as one person’s idea of a satisfactory product or service, may not be the same as another’s. The International Organization for Standardization has come up with a set of standards to represent an international consensus on good quality control practices with its ISO 9001 certification. IS0 9001 covers organizations no matter what size, what the organization does, whether it is a local or global company, or whether it is in the private or public sector and although it isn’t a compulsory requirement it will help to ensure that those doing business with you are satisfied that they are getting the best possible product or service at all times.

As a company who understands the importance of quality control to your customers, you may want to obtain the ISO 9001 certification as part of your quality control management system to show your customers and potential customers just how seriously you take your standards, there are several companies that you could approach to ensure your path to certification is as smooth as possible, one such company who specialise in business training for all areas of Health and Safety, Quality Management and CHAS training who are perfectly placed to help you over any potential pitfalls in your quality management systems.