As you may have read on our other pages about training and CPD, one of the marks of good business is that they train their staff, both on the working practices of the business and also for personal development.  This article is a continuation of that theme but looks at a specific need when you are thinking about training, one that not every business will have to think about as it won’t affect many of our readers but might be relevant if you run a large business.

You may think that, if you are lucky and big enough to employ them, that any members of staff with an MBA (Master of Business Administration) qualification don’t really need training – after all, they have a high level business qualification and are fully trained aren’t they?  However, stop to think about this for a moment or two…  as with all things, just because they have an MBA doesn’t mean that their specialism will stand still.  Business processes move on, laws change, and working practices evolve so that what was considered good practice last year may not be considered the best thing to do this year.

I would argue that a member of staff with an MBA will possibly need as much, if not more, training than a “normal” member of staff.  After all, you are probably relying of this person in a high level of your business (and in all likelihood paying them a considerable amount of money because they have the qualification and are occupying a senior role in the business).

The problem you are likely to have is that you will be looking for specialist training – unlike a normal member of staff, your local college or training organisation isn’t likely to be providing high level training, being much more used to training people in basic bookkeeping or how to use computer programmes such as Word or Excel.  You might find someone to train in staff management or dispute resolution or even training in how to read a balance sheet or value a business but when it comes to specialist training you really need to go to a specialist organisation.  One such provider of training at post MBA level is a firm called Adkins Matchett and Toy who mainly provide training in the financial and banking sector.  Their website lists the specialist training that they can provide to MBA graduates and covers many locations nationally and internationally, as well as allowing people to train with them online via Webinars and other methods.

So, to sum up, if you are looking for specialist training for well qualified staff you need to be looking for a specialist training firm that can handle their needs and has a proven track record for training in your sector, a firm who can help your more highly qualified staff stay on top.